The Story

We adored performing classical string quartet music but were wild about playing other music too.  More importantly, we suspected that you would like to hear a fresher, hipper type of background music as an alternative to what is typically performed by a string quartet. The popularity of String Attack has proven that we were right!  String Attack has been rockin’ as a rock string quartet for some of the most prestigious corporate and political dinners and conventions, social events, galas, wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions in Washington, DC, Virgina, Maryland and beyond.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with playing some of the superb music that was written 300 or 400 years ago and we will perform music of these great composers when requested. But as everyone knows awesome music has been written in the last 50 years too! Most people wouldn’t think of hearing this music played credibly by strings. In fact, we weren’t sure if many of these tunes would hold water if executed with only strings. Well, we were wrong! We produced exclusively for String Attack customized arrangements that groove for both the strings and the song. These are hit songs that we love and know by heart, songs that evoke memories and songs that we await to perform for you!

The instrumentation of String Attack can vary  depending upon the number of guests, the size of the venue and the budget. The instrumentaion of String Attack as a string quartet is two violins, cello, string bass; as a string trio is two violins, cello; as a string quintet is two violins, cello, string bass, viola; and as a string septet is four violins, cello, viola and string bass.

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